Sketches of Happiness

I haven’t done any art for about a year. Couldn’t tell you why. I guess I forgot it. Every once in a while a doodle, nothing more. And I don’t like that. I recently began to try harder, but for some reason it’s difficult to even start a drawing. But once I’m in the midstContinue reading “Sketches of Happiness”

A Knight and a Show

I have two things I’m very excited to discuss in this post! Let’s start with the shorter one: You may have seen this kind of art before: you take a cracked sidewalk and try to find a creature inside it. Carla Sonheim has at least one excellent tutorial on this. My grandma has been compilingContinue reading “A Knight and a Show”

My Child, the Sea Monster

I took Ceramics over the past semester. It was a time of frustration, joy, frustration, possibly a few tears, and lovely older ladies who practically live in the studio and bake sugary treats for their ‘tribe’. Amidst all of this, we were assigned to make ‘indecisive animal sculptures’. I did not want to make anContinue reading “My Child, the Sea Monster”

A Comic About Clay

This is what happens when you haven’t taken a test for seven years. So I’ve been in a ceramics class at the local community college for the past semester. It was frustrating and awesome – and I discovered the sweetest community of people, mostly retired, who come into the ceramics studio every day and chatContinue reading “A Comic About Clay”

Addleberg Lang!

  My friend Gail Auctor has published her first book, and let me tell you, I’m so excited for the world to discover the magical, witty world it contains. Addleberg Lang is an anthology of her shorter works, including short stories, songs, poems, and a little peek behind the scenes of her other books. SoContinue reading “Addleberg Lang!”

July Happenings

Yes, it’s been a long while since the last post. Here are a few of the things I’ve been up to… I MADE A MENU. This has been a huge work in progress since the premiere of Concerning Queens And Laundry Maids (that movie we made) last October. But finally, after months of slowly figuringContinue reading “July Happenings”

Ernest and Elnora: Adorable, Squishable Softies

Remember Ernest? That adorable (strange) green softie, fashioned from a knitted slipper-gone-wrong, and oh-so-satisfying to squeeze? (Or maybe all you remember about him is the eye/ear debate surrounding his… eyes? Ears?) Anyway, after making him, I immediately whipped up another one. And then forgot about it, leaving it stranded in the bottomless pit of myContinue reading “Ernest and Elnora: Adorable, Squishable Softies”

Read Lilithantha; A Most Wonderfully Gruesome Tale – a book by my incredibly talented friend

One day, I opened a file shared by CWW (the writing club I’m part of) to see the first chapter of an entirely new project I’d never heard of. This was last summer or so. As I read down the page – I couldn’t believe my eyes. Who wrote this? It sent thrilling shivers down my neck,Continue reading “Read Lilithantha; A Most Wonderfully Gruesome Tale – a book by my incredibly talented friend”

Evangeline the Pirate: prints for sale!

Yes, it’s true! Our favorite lady pirate can come be a part of your home life, via the magic of giclee art prints. Because I used a pad of art paper without checking its dimensions, the print is currently only available as a 5×7. Though if there’s enough interest I may be able to makeContinue reading “Evangeline the Pirate: prints for sale!”

Since January

It’s been a good long while since I’ve shared here, so here in this post I’ll look over some of the little projects from the past three months! I totally forgot about this little sachet until a few weeks ago, when I was looking through little boxes in my room and found one full ofContinue reading “Since January”